Nature in all its abundance is the primary inspiration behind art that I create. I enjoy the process of interpreting a scene from nature and bringing out its splendor with a touch of color.

There are so many other sources.. people, other forms of art like music, dance, architectural wonders, a distant memory or a moment of togetherness that could sow the seed to reflecting it, on canvas.

I use acrylics and paint on varied surfaces like canvas, wood, glass, ceramic tiles etc. in addition to pastels, charcoal and colored pencils. To me, painting is a liberating experience and a journey from a blank canvas to a painting is simultaneously an inward one, one of introspection and thereby, self expression.

Being a fine artist makes me relate every work of art that I create to a song resonating its own melody as much as being a musician makes me relate every tune I hum to a piece of art displaying its pleasing hues.